Why being different is good

Hello Friends, you know living a Godly life will make you different. That is… if you live to please God and not to impress people, then you will definitely stand out. And that’s a good thing! You might end up doing the opposite of everyone else. Sometimes you may find your conduct pleases God but offends your friends, or […]

Use for purposes intended

Hello Friends, you know there is much truth to the saying “use for purposes intended.” Last night I was working at my dining room table working when I saw something flash to my right. I turned and looked out the glass doors but didn’t see anything. “Hmm…” I thought. “That’s odd.” I continued plowing away in […]

Achieving excellence

Hello Friends, you know everyone desires to achieve excellence, yet those who do so have the one secret ingredient – diligence . I remember the years I was honored to serve as the Head Student Athletic Trainer for the Southern California College (Vanguard University) Women’s Softball team . The hours that “my girls” spent every day in […]

A strong conviction is something that you are so thoroughly convinced is true that you will take a stand for it regardless of the consequences. 14 - 1 (5)

Holy Bible

Growth takes time

Hello Friends, anything that’s really good takes time, effort and planning. There is no overnight success like some might believe. It’s often through the repeated failures in life that we learn the greatest lessons. Jesus talked about the process of spiritual transformation as a task that we need to embrace over and over every day. […]

Characteristics of love

Hello Friends, when you look at the characteristics of a loving person you usually see the following traits: kind patient non-judgmental empathic humble long suffering All of these are mentioned in God’s word and are wonderful attributes of a loving person. However another aspect of love is that of responsibility. Today many people think that to be […]

The joy of pruning! (not those kind of prunes…) ;)

Hello Friends, it feels like summer is upon us. I’m so happy! I love summer – it means lots of fresh, plump, delicious fruits and grilled veggies, backyard bbq’s, and most importantly, FELLOWSHIP!  Our backyard is already showing the promise of what is to come as our grape vine is slowly growing back from being […]