We Plan More For the Weekend Than We do For Parenting

Some people spend lots of time making great plans for what they will do for the upcoming weekend, often paying attention to the painstaking details of every moment of where they will be, what they will do, and who they will be with. Yet they fail to plan ahead for what their goals are for how […]

A Faith That Prevails

At it’s core, faith is believing that someone or something will be worthwhile in your life. The problem with the world is not that people lack faith. The problem is that their faith is misplaced. Putting faith in people, situations or things who have external beauty, worldly success, or outward significance yet lack a reverence […]

God’s Instruction For Parents

When mothering, most people revert back to what their life experience has been . Yet human beings are broken and fallible.  Often times dysfunctional parenting patterns are passed down through the generations until one member chooses to break the cycle and redeem the health and blessings that God desires when we choose to obey Him. God’s […]

The Standard For Kindness

In a world of selfishness and violence, kindness is in short supply. That’s why any act of kindness, no matter how small, is newsworthy. Jesus established the standard for kindness when He said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27). This principle can give you a quick and easy test to determine whether you are […]

How To Strengthen Trust and Credibility

The Bible is a well of treasures that awaits being discovered. One of the greatest truths is revealed in the story of King Solomon and the two mothers in 1 Kings 3:16-28.  In this story, we see that before rendering a decision, King Solomon listens to two mothers claiming that a child is their own. If you want […]

Teaching Your Child to Listen To The Voice of The Holy Spirit

Mom’s worry. Mom’s worry because they love.  Salmonella, fast cars, getting enough veggies in their children’s diet, why can’t little Susie make any friends… Then there are the more serious matters: Will we have enough money to pay this months mortgage? The doctor found a lump in my breast; My husband lost his job – Lord, […]

Why God Gave Us Emotions

The word “Emotion” is derived from the french word “émouvoir” meaning to stir up. It also comes out of the Latin word “ex movere” which means to move away or to disturb. Therefore an emotion is that which stirs us – that which moves us. It is, in short, feelings. In some Christian circles, emotions have gotten a bad […]

The Hospitable Home

Many people think of hospitality as being cordial to strangers and guests. While having guests over for dinner or fellowship is one part of hospitality, I would submit to you that this is the easier part of hospitality. The more challenging part of hospitality happens after the guests leave, the door shuts and your home […]

Facing Forward

During the summertime many families are blessed to go on a vacation. Part of the fun of a vacation is the anticipation. For months in advance you can be excited about what will happen in the future. Realistically, our life and our future isn’t all filled with vacations. There are uncertainties ahead of you and they aren’t […]