Protecting Kids: Internet Safety 101

More and more kids are being given smart phones, laptops and iPad’s as gifts. While many adolescents will eventually need internet access to do their school work and complete their studies, parents must be  wise in safeguarding what enters the young and impressionable minds of their children. Prior to handing over that laptop or iPad, […]

Ten Tips To Connect With Teens

The adolescent years are filled with mystery, frustration, excitement, wonder… in a nutshell… it’s a time of “growing pains.” An adult can easily look at an adolescent and shrug off an emotional outburst or experience summing it up to “a phase.” But that’s not what Jesus wants us to do. Nothing is more central to […]

Volunteers or Vultures?

The heart of a volunteer is something precious, unquantifiable, and a true gift to God.  You know them.  They are the first responders to pastor’s call to action. They are proactive in searching how to use the talents God has given them. They do their service as unto the Lord, and don’t seek recognition from man. They […]

It’s Not About You!

Connecting is never about you. It’s about the person who your trying to connect with. It’s the woman sitting across the table from you whose smiling with her lips but her eyes reveal deep anguish. She struggles to hold in her emotions as she talks about her kids, husband, work and the weather. You can see the […]

The more man removes God from life and law, human duplicity increases, trust decreases, and laws increase to govern untruthful men. The sleeping giant (Church) has yet to waken.

Christy Demetriades, Ph.D.

Don’t Communicate, Connect

We live during times in which we’re bombarded with information. Everywhere we go there are advertisers trying to get our attention. Our world is cluttered with words, ads, video’s, texts, pictures, emails, friends, family and someone vying for our attention. At the same time we also have a message that God has put on our […]

The Impact of a Father

In the past, the most commonly studied topic with, regards to fathers, was the impact of their absence. While current statistics reflect absentee fathers to be more of a growing reality, new studies are looking at the benefits that a father’s presence has on a child’s life and future. The upswing in positive psychology and the trend in what dad’s […]