The Impact Of A Father

The blessings of a Godly father are told throughout the Bible. One of these examples is told in Genesis 49:1-28 when Jacob was nearing death.  He gathered his sons around him and spoke blessings and truth into their lives.  The book of Genesis honestly portrays many family dynamics within the “founding family” of God’s chosen […]

The Perfect Gift

People seldom think of encouragement as a gift because it seems so ordinary. But it isn’t. Actually, it’s quite rare because it’s seldom given and it’s extremely valuable – especially to the recipient.    Here’s why encouragement makes the perfect gift: It’s free. Words of encouragement require absolutely no cash. It only costs you your […]

Who Else Wants A Healthier Heart?

If I told you that you had the power to change one thing that could affect your heart health and also significantly improve your parenting, relationships, and overall outlook in life, would you want to know? A study by professor Rosalba Hernandez of over 51,000 ethnically diverse Americans came out in the journal of Health Behavior and Policy […]

One Parental Behavior Predicts A Child’s Academic And Social Skills Three Decades Later

Many parents desire to raise children who love, honor and follow God. We live in very different times with everyone vying for your time and attention. Yet good research confirms the veracity of Scripture.  Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from… Click To […]

The One Thing Wise Counsel Must Have

Society and the media emphasizes and rewards those who are “self-reliant.”  Culturally speaking, America, as a nation is known for establishing herself as being separate, strong and “independent.” This value has transcended into how parents raise their children.  Many children are raised given the message that it’s good to be strong and bad to show weakness. Yet […]

5 Things to Leave Behind in 2014

As the year is wrapping to an end, it’s good to take some time for personal reflection. What were the lessons that 2014 taught you?  Where have you been most challenged? Oftentimes, our most significant growth is birthed from our deepest struggles. It is then when we experience the unrelenting and redeeming love and mercy […]

Christmas and Family

There seems to be an inextricable connection between Christmas and “family.” You can’t think of one without bringing up memories of the other. Many people feel closest to their family at Christmastime. The concept works well when the household has a young child (or children) who awaken early on Christmas Day and dance excitedly in […]