When it comes to developing character strength, inner security and unique personal and interpersonal talents and skills in a child, no institution can or ever will compare with, or effectively substitute for, the home’s potential for positive influence.

Steven Covey

The Most Famous Poem

Richard Cory, perhaps Edwin Arlington Robinson’s most famous poem, is a good reminder never to judge the state of a man’s heart by the size of his wallet or the grandeur of his possessions: Whenever Richard Cory went down town, We people on the pavement looked at him: He was a gentleman from sole to […]

God’s Plan During Turbulent Times

People always ask “Why does God allow hard times or turbulent times of pain and uncertainty? After all, since we love and trust that God is all-powerful, and since we trust that His hand shapes our lives, why doesn’t He simply rescue us – and our loved ones from hardship and pain?” God’s word teaches […]

Active Parenting Caught On Camera

“Through Godly Wisdom a life, a home, and a family is built, and through understanding it is established on a sound foundation.” Proverbs 24:3 “Children are a heritage from the Lord.” Psalm 127:3 God’s word says that the parents are called to be the authority in the home. But please read what He says for yourself  […]

In Turbulent Times, God Protects

As we go through life, every single one of us will face challenges, difficulties and roadblocks. It’s merely a fact of life. None of us are exempt from it. When tough times arrive, we might need to re-arrange our schedules or adjust our plans.  Blessed are the flexible. Click To Tweet But just remember, dear […]

The Secret Of Real Wealth

Society says that money is the key to happiness. But if that were the case, then why are so many wealthy people unhappy?  There are numerous studies (research, case studies, and public accounts) to prove that money does not buy happiness. If you want to know what real wealth is, I can tell you that it’s certainly […]

Your Family Is Your Fortune

Today, our society is the most connected and informed culture ever; yet we are increasingly relationally daft as our social skills decrease, and more remote jobs are created causing isolation as the presence of smart-screens and i-gadgets steal our life. Nothing enhances one’s health and well-being more than the presence of a caring family. Nothing […]