Encourage One Another

“So encourage each other and ·give each other strength [build each other up], just as you are doing now.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 EB


When Crisis Hits Home

No family wants to go through a crisis, however it’s often inevitable in this journey called “life.”  A crisis will often happen unexpectedly and sometimes tragically. It might be a sickness, loss of a partnership, bankruptcy, divorce, rebellious children or even death.  Our natural response is to try and take control of the situation. Many […]

Protecting Kids: Internet Safety 101

More and more kids are being given smart phones, laptops and iPad’s as gifts. While many adolescents will eventually need internet access to do their school work and complete their studies, parents must be  wise in safeguarding what enters the young and impressionable minds of their children. Prior to handing over that laptop or iPad, […]

Ten Tips To Connect With Teens

The adolescent years are filled with mystery, frustration, excitement, wonder… in a nutshell… it’s a time of “growing pains.” An adult can easily look at an adolescent and shrug off an emotional outburst or experience summing it up to “a phase.” But that’s not what Jesus wants us to do. Nothing is more central to […]

Volunteers or Vultures?

The heart of a volunteer is something precious, unquantifiable, and a true gift to God.  You know them.  They are the first responders to pastor’s call to action. They are proactive in searching how to use the talents God has given them. They do their service as unto the Lord, and don’t seek recognition from man. They […]