Your Family Is Your Fortune

Today, our society is the most connected and informed culture ever; yet we are increasingly relationally daft as our social skills decrease, and more remote jobs are created causing isolation as the presence of smart-screens and i-gadgets steal our life. Nothing enhances one’s health and well-being more than the presence of a caring family. Nothing […]

Servant Leadership In Action

On Good Friday, we remember the sacrifice that Jesus gave. He willingly came to earth in the form of human being, took our sins upon Himself, suffered every pain imaginable to man – yet did not sin. He even experienced separation from God – something that you and I will never know… unless we take that path. Then, at that […]

How To Gain From Pain

Life is filled with ups and downs. The problem is that our human nature is always looking at how we can avoid pain or only experience profits. Well, that’s just not possible. We live in a broken world where it’s very obvious that nobody get’s to escape bad experiences. Some people try to avoid pain while others do […]

The spirit will not tolerate in you the self sins though they are permitted and excused by most Christians.  By the self sins I mean self-love, self-pity, self-seeking, self-confidence, self-aggrandizement, self-defense.”

3 Characteristics of A Healthy Leader

History is full of stories filled with leaders who achieved extraordinary feats and devastating loss. Many individuals have built phenomenal businesses which have created employment, provided healthcare, and impacted millions of lives all over the world with generous donations. There is no shortage of individuals who have modeled generosity (i.e., Chuck Feeney) however the true greatness […]

Learner Centered Mentoring

Without the presence of learning, mentoring doesn’t exist. It is the purpose, the process, and the product of a mentoring relationship. That’s why it’s essential that you understand your mentees as learners and yourself as a learning facilitator. Research has opened new areas of understanding and we have become more attuded to the complexities of facilitating adult […]

Choose To Grow

People tend to get into ruts in life. They get in an easy groove, and they don’t try to break out of it. Even when it’s taking them in the wrong direction. After a while, they just get by and focus on surviving. But friends, God has so much more for us! The Bible references numerous […]