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Hello and welcome! Thank you for visiting. If you’re like most of my readers, you’re a woman who is deeply committed to growing in your walk with the Lord.  You are a devoted wife, mother, sister, friend and follower of Jesus.  You strive to learn, become more like Christ and leave a heritage of faith.

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But life is rushing by. You feel overwhelmed. No matter how much you work or how much you accomplish, you feel like there’s something your neglecting. You may feel that the important things are falling through the cracks.

I understand. All of us have felt this way.

Many times, I’ve seen people choose worldly success at the expense of their health and their most valuable relationships. I’ve witnessed the heartache that can come from trying too hard to achieve society’s definition of success.

As a former therapist and speaker for the nation’s largest Christian Counseling Organization, Meier Clinics, I know that there will always be work to do. The key is to making wise choices. Matthew 6:19

If you’re anything like me, that means your relationship with God, your family and friends, your health, and fulfilling your purpose will be your top priorities.

My Goal In Writing This Blog

Throughout my blog, my purpose is to give you the clarity, conviction and courage to become more like Christ – as a woman, mother, wife and friend. From practical tools in training your children, to strategies that will enhance your self awareness, my goal is to empower you to grow deeper in character and become more like Jesus.

My Background

I earned a  Ph.D. and M.S. in Clinical Psychology. I also have a B.S. in Exercise Sports Science/Pre-Physical Therapy. My professional background encompasses extensive experience across the field of mental and behavioral health.

I’ve worked with: children, adolescents and adults in schools, psychiatric hospitals and dual-diagnosis residential treatment facilities where I conducted assessments, treatment, individual, couple, group, family, and multi-family group therapy. 

“I have known Christy for many years and have watched her enthusiastically pursue her education and practice in the mental health field. She has a genuine passion for helping people and has been a great asset in helping facilitate depression and anxiety programs I’ve given. I would describe her as intelligent, dependable and caring – I recommend her highly.”Mike Marino
Ph.D., President at Jasper Media

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My past work experience also includes collaborating with local, county and state officials which ensured the continued compliance, sobriety and safety of court referred and private pay patients.  

“I know of no other digitally-savvy therapist and thought leader who is so genuinely desirous of the holistic spiritual and emotional healing of her clients. Dr. Christy’s refreshingly unique combination of Christian faith, sound clinical skill, always engaging content, and old-fashioned caring are just a few of the many the reasons why her colleagues are also delighted to call her a valued friend.”Dr. Bill Dyment
co-author of Fire Your Excuses

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All of the content I write is free. It’s purpose is to direct you towards an intimate relationship with Jesus. You can grow to have a deeper, more intimate walk with the Lord which will positively impact your marriage, friendships, mothering, and the hearts and lives you leave on this earth.  All it takes is an open heart, the desire to grow, and spending time with God each day.  May the Holy Spirit gently open your heart as you seek to grow in your relationship with Him.

Warm Regards,

Christy Demetriades, Ph.D.