“I know of no other digitally-savvy therapist and thought leader who is so genuinely desirous of the holistic spiritual and emotional healing of her clients. Dr. Christy’s refreshingly unique combination of Christian faith, sound clinical skill, always engaging content, and old-fashioned caring are just a few of the many the reasons why her colleagues are also delighted to call her a valued friend.”Dr. Bill Dyment
co-author of Fire Your Excuses
After watching Dr. Christy Demetriades in action, in ministry, and in life… I can say without equivocation that she is  a natural leader, a woman of deep character, and a compassionate servant.  These observations come through my personal lens as a CEO and leader for nearly 30 years in both ministry and the marketplace.

“I love her passion and ‘you can do it attitude’ for everything she touches.  With uncanny insight and professionalism, Dr. Christy personifies poise and purpose.  She is engaging, a gifted communicator, and collaborative team player.

“There’s no doubt that Dr. Christy Demetriades is a winner in every sense of the word.  But what really sets her apart is a pastoral heart for those she leads and serves, which can only be attributed to her personal reliance on Jesus Christ and an unwavering commitment to follow His call.”Mark Affleck
President & CEO, YellowChairStrategy.com

“There are very few professionals that when you meet them they really radiate enthusiasm for what they do. Dr Christy is such as person. Working along side her I have found her to be professional, compassionate, and sincerely caring about those she comes in contact with. I give her my highest recommendation.”Marcus Dayhoff
Psy.D, CEAP, SAP CEO, REACH Employee Assistance, Inc. & co-author, Fire Your Excuses
“I have known Christy for many years and have watched her enthusiastically pursue her education and practice in the mental health field. She has a genuine passion for helping people and has been a great asset in helping facilitate depression and anxiety programs I’ve given. I would describe her as intelligent, dependable and caring – I recommend her highly.”Mike Marino
Ph.D., President at Jasper Media
“It is a pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Demetriades. The words that best describe her are positive, empathic, and energetic. Most likely some of the wonderful person she is will rub off on to anyone she comes into contact. In her practice, she integrates psychology, Christianity, mind, and body into her work with clients. She comes from a strong ethnic heritage that allows her to understand others with a strong cultural and family heritage. She shares some of what is important to her on Facebook, so look her up there! Then to ask her to speak at your next event that requires a speaker or call for appointment.”Dr. Todd W. Fisher
“Christy is a long-term good friend in which I highly recommend. We first met as we served together as leaders in a Support Group for three years. Her uplifting, pleasant attitude, along with her insight, combine to form a unique blend of expertise.Michael Chambers
Support/Care Group and Small Group Leader and Teacher at Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA

“I had, over several years, the opportunity to serve with Dr. Christy as well as to observe her working with others. I was always impressed with her professional conduct, character, integrity and depth of expertise in her field. Her love for people and her desire to help is always evident. I trust Dr. Christy and have sought her council and advise on difficult matters. I would recommend her anytime.”Adrian Utz
Senior Quality Manager at Cal Quality Electronics

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