Allow God to Unite You

Hello Friends, you know there are some couples who believe that nothing should come between them: not kids, career, finance or anything.  I  agree that nothing should drive a wedge to divide or separate a husband and wife.  There is one thing that can come between a husband and wife that, instead of driving them apart, will actually draw them together.

When God is in the middle of a marriage, then the husband and wife can be closer to each other because they share a spiritual bond. This is a much deeper, stronger connection than any mere physical one can provide. A genuine spiritual connection with God is stronger than any force on earth. Nothing can separate it, and when you are linked with your spouse through that God-connection, your marriage can withstand the hills and valleys of life that make other marriages falter.

God is the only priority of your life that should be higher than your spouse. I’m not at all saying that you should neglect your spouse, and actually, your spouse won’t mind coming in second to God because if one truly knows God’s principles and puts Him first, then you will be a much better marriage partner for this.

God would make the perfect spouse – I mean think about it – he’s loving, patient, kind, thoughtful, forgiving, gracious and owns the cattle on a thousand hills. Or if you want to make sure your diet is Daniel Plan approved, then just look at all the hills he owns and enjoy the fresh leafy greens, luscious fruits and toss in a few nuts for flavor (if your not allergic). 🙂


Babo and Grandma

Now, it’s obvious that no spouse will ever measure up to God’s standards – however if you BOTH take personal responsibility and put God at the center of your marriage and work at reflecting his divine attributes, I’d imagine your marriage will likely improve. One thing I have repeatedly told my patients is that two egos are two, too many for a marriage. Make God the number one priority in your life and the center of your marriage, be obedient to His commands, and purpose yourself to walk daily with Him.

May you both grow to find a richness, and sweetness in your walk with Him and each other.


Dr. Christy 🙂


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