Brothers and Sisters

Hello Friends, you know God created us for family where we are to be nurtured and grow. He also designed brothers and sisters to guide, push, laugh with us and protect us  along the way. The greatest benefit that siblings can provide, however, is the emotional support during  challenging times.

Sometimes, misunderstandings happen which can cause irritations between siblings. Just like getting a splinter in your finger, unless you pull it out, it will fester and become worse. remove a splinter

No “sliver” is worth a rupture in a relationship. Not a car, house, kimono, you name it. 😉  Pull the sliver.

It’s that simple. Just pull it. 🙂  Do it before your finger swells, festers, and there’s this nasty boil that everyone begins to notice. (they can get infected – just like our attitude can become bitter if we don’t deal with our issues, face them and move forward).
Maybe the “sliver” means saying – “I’m sorry, I was wrong” or “you were right” or “I need help.”

Do you have any slivers that are causing irritation?  When your priorities become focused more on relationship than on pride, you’ll find that your immediate response will be to remove anything that creates irritation between you and your loved ones.

Your finger will thank you – and so will your relationships.


Dr. Christy 🙂

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