The Insignifiance of Insignificance

Your Importance To God

It doesn’t take much effort to feel insignificant. Movies, magazines and media personalities draw in audiences by appearing to be larger than life. Another person, probably someone you know pretty well, makes a negative comment about you, or you fail to meet your own expectations, and soon you’re feeling low. Or you start comparing your […]

How To Make Life Easier

Looking To God In Every Circumstance

We make life a lot harder than it needs to be. This happens whenever the circumstances in our lives discourage us. When problems arise, and nothing goes right, the stress builds. We become unhappy, angry, discontent and create problems that didn’t exist. It’s in those difficult times that God seems distant. But it doesn’t have […]

The Longing For Power

The Power of Godly Love

One of the greatest temptations of mankind has always been to obtain and hoard power.  People can wield great harm or good for the benefit of mankind when they choose to exercise their God-given power with Godly wisdom. Charity is the power of defending that which we know to be indefensible. Hope is the power of being cheerful in […]

What Makes a Man Makes the Nation

A father and mother were having a challenging time interesting their little daughter in the study of geography. They thought of an idea that might help her and purchased a puzzle consisting of the map of the United States. They were certain that this would require so much effort on her part in putting it […]

The Truth About Mental Illness

There is beginning to be a more open discussion about mental illness and how the church can help. History shows us that the church was the place where men and women would go to get help. People would be surrounded in warm, loving and safe communities where their needs would be met, and when hardships would […]

Be Careful Who You Listen To

How To Discern Godly Council

Jonny came inside holding his foot up in pain. While outside playing he had accidentally aquired a very deep splinter. His sister looked at his foot and saw that the splinter had lodged itself deeply inside Jonny’s tissue. She knew that she needed to get it out  in order for healing to occur, however the process […]

This APP Could Save Your Life!

Protect Your Home, Family, Parents and Children

Hello Friends! Do you want to protect your family? Want a smart way that can stop or capture a car-jacker? Stop a purse-snatcher? Or protect your kids? You must see what everyone is talking about!  Created by The App “Perp Alert” can be used on your iPhone or Android.  If you think you see any suspicious […]

What You Value, You Will Live

Why God's Ways Are Best

Imagine there was a plot of land available for purchase. It wasn’t very large, but it was enough to provide for your family. You worked hard, saved up enough money and purchased the title. Now, the land was yours. You owned it. Day after day you went out and slaved away. You turned over the soil. You […]