The Truth About Mental Illness

There is beginning to be a more open discussion about mental illness and how the church can help. History shows us that the church was the place where men and women would go to get help. People would be surrounded in warm, loving and safe communities where their needs would be met, and when hardships would […]

Be Careful Who You Listen To

How To Discern Godly Council

Jonny came inside holding his foot up in pain. While outside playing he had accidentally aquired a very deep splinter. His sister looked at his foot and saw that the splinter had lodged itself deeply inside Jonny’s tissue. She knew that she needed to get it out  in order for healing to occur, however the process […]

This APP Could Save Your Life!

Protect Your Home, Family, Parents and Children

Hello Friends! Do you want to protect your family? Want a smart way that can stop or capture a car-jacker? Stop a purse-snatcher? Or protect your kids? You must see what everyone is talking about!  Created by The App “Perp Alert” can be used on your iPhone or Android.  If you think you see any suspicious […]

What You Value, You Will Live

Why God's Ways Are Best

Imagine there was a plot of land available for purchase. It wasn’t very large, but it was enough to provide for your family. You worked hard, saved up enough money and purchased the title. Now, the land was yours. You owned it. Day after day you went out and slaved away. You turned over the soil. You […]

Three Ways To Help Your Child Gain Confidence

As parents, God has entrusted you with the most important job. His command is that you teach your children everything that is good, including telling them about Who He is and What He has done. It’s good for children to know that you love them for being who they are without having to perform for your love, […]

Pursuing Success

Before climbing the ladder of success be sure it's leaning against the right wall.

Most people evaluate success in terms of what they can accumulate during their lifetime. But that’s not God’s perspective on success. From a spiritual viewpoint, success is determined by the ultimate destiny of your soul. After all, your life on Earth is only for a fleeting moment compared to eternity. Society gives us the message […]

Your Family Is Your Fortune

Today, our society is the most connected and informed culture ever; yet we are becoming relationally disconnected as our social skills diminish due to less physical face-to-face time, more remote jobs, and the increased use of media. With more people working in isolation at home, practitioners are rightfully concerned about the increase in depression and loneliness as […]

How To Gain From Pain

Life is filled with ups and downs. The problem is that our human nature is always looking at how we can avoid pain or only experience profits. Well, that’s just not possible. We live in a broken world where it’s very obvious that nobody get’s to escape bad experiences. Some people try to avoid pain while others do […]

The Greatest Need

We don’t need smarter people. Facts are always changing.  Today’s news is tomorrows trash.  What we need is more people of courage. People of character. People with bold faith who are unafraid to speak God’s truth. We need people with integrity, honesty, patience, kindness, empathy, wisdom, discipline, self-control, and love for their fellow men. Most importantly, […]