Three Ways To Help Your Child Gain Confidence

As parents, God has entrusted you with the most important job. His command is that you teach your children everything that is good, including telling them about Who He is and What He has done. It’s good for children to know that you love them for being who they are without having to perform for your love, […]

Pursuing Success

Before climbing the ladder of success be sure it's leaning against the right wall.

Most people evaluate success in terms of what they can accumulate during their lifetime. But that’s not God’s perspective on success. From a spiritual viewpoint, success is determined by the ultimate destiny of your soul. After all, your life on Earth is only for a fleeting moment compared to eternity. Society gives us the message […]

Your Family Is Your Fortune

Today, our society is the most connected and informed culture ever; yet we are becoming relationally disconnected as our social skills diminish due to less physical face-to-face time, more remote jobs, and the increased use of media. With more people working in isolation at home, practitioners are rightfully concerned about the increase in depression and loneliness as […]

How To Gain From Pain

Life is filled with ups and downs. The problem is that our human nature is always looking at how we can avoid pain or only experience profits. Well, that’s just not possible. We live in a broken world where it’s very obvious that nobody get’s to escape bad experiences. Some people try to avoid pain while others do […]

The Greatest Need

We don’t need smarter people. Facts are always changing.  Today’s news is tomorrows trash.  What we need is more people of courage. People of character. People with bold faith who are unafraid to speak God’s truth. We need people with integrity, honesty, patience, kindness, empathy, wisdom, discipline, self-control, and love for their fellow men. Most importantly, […]

“Ours is an undisciplined age. The old disciplines are breaking down. Above all, the discipline of divine grace is derided as legalism or is entirely unknown to a generation that is largely illiterate in the Scriptures. We need the rugged strength of Christian character that can only come from discipline.”

V. Raymond Edman

The Night of Christ’s Birth

We often tend to think in visual impressions, or images. For some of us, our mental pictures of the night of Christ’s birth are probably unrealistic. Most likely, we’re guilty of imagining the night as a bit too pristine. Let’s face it, none of us really wants to think of the harsh realities that Mary […]

Making Room for Jesus

Every year Christmas seems to come so quickly. I was speaking with a colleague the other day and said, “No sooner do we celebrate the Fourth of July then it feels we turn around and the fall trifecta (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas) come upon us.” He wholeheartedly agreed. Do you remember what it was like […]

What Christmas Is All About

If there’s one Christmas message that seems to be the most common, it’s the standard, “Let there be peace on earth.” Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m all for peace on earth – in our communities, families, and anywhere else harmony is needed. I just know that peace isn’t the central message of Christmas. […]