Crisis of Character

America is at war. The news recently saw the release of the M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Bombs).  While other countries are fighting chemical threats, viral outbreaks, daily threats and posturing of nuclear war, America has been dying from within. America has been battling a much more insidious, deadly, silent and evil disease. It’s a disease […]

How To Get People To Listen

Lessons From The Prophet Samuel

Every day millions of people watch movies, read books and scour the internet for stories that make them laugh or inspire them. Each day, we listen to our friends tell us about our funny or dramatic things that happen to us. People take out their iphones and show pictures and share their stories. Our stories […]

Growing In Christlike Character

The Demeanor of Christ

Society places its greatest value on appearance, money, position, and power; Christ places the highest value on relationship with God and others. The closer your relationship with God, the more you will deeply love His people and cast off anything that inhibits the full expression of God’s glory.  One major reason why some people remain […]

The Art Of Listening

How To Be A Better Listener

Many of you grew up hearing your parents. You heard your Mom and Dad, your teachers, and your boss. However there is a big difference between hearing and listening.   The best relationships are comprised of two good listeners.  Hearing is a passive stance – similar to walking in the store and hearing the ambient noise and […]

The humble suffers no disturbance of mind but receives the reproaches and affronts of men without any great impression. For he considers that God, not the world, is his hope; and if his favor be but secured, the rest cannot be of any great importance. In short, this virtue is so necessary, so fundamental a one, that no man ought to esteem himself a proficient in goodness who has not yet arrived to that pitch of it which teaches him to think himself the least of all saints, and last of all men.

The Imitation of Christ, Thomas A. Kempis

How To Overcome Evil

Giving Good When You Receive Bad

Imagine two people are in a relationship and they live by the rule “giving good when you receive bad.” Another way to think about this: when two people fall in love and get married, or when two people become friends, they do it for good reasons.  No one ever said, “I love you because you’re so […]

The life of a Christian who hath dedicated himself to the service of God should abound with eminent virtues of all kinds that he may be really the same person which he is by outward profession. Indeed, he ought not only, to be the same, but much more, in his inward disposition of his soul; because he professes to serve a God who sees the inward parts; a searcher of the heart and reins, a God and father of spirits: and therefore since we are always in His sights, we should be exceeding careful to avoid all impurity, all that may give offense to Him, whose eyes cannot behold iniquity. We should, in a word, so far as mortal and frail nature can, imitate the blessed angels in all manner of holiness, since we, as well as they, are always in His presence. To this purpose it would be expedient daily to renew our resolutions of living well, and every morning to refresh and quicken that zeal with which they were made at first. To beg of God that He would help us, and enable us that day to begin well; to begin, I say, for all that we have done hitherto ought in lowliness of mind to seem, and to be acknowledged by us, as nothing!

What To Do When You Feel Anxious

We live in a fast paced, stress-inducing, anxiety-filled world that oftentimes seems to shift beneath our feet.  Some people find it difficult to trust in God because of past experiences. Others may be in a season in which God is deepening their character. Yet when you take your eyes off of the Creator and place it on […]

God’s Plan During Turbulent Times

People always ask “Why does God allow hard times or turbulent times of pain and uncertainty? After all, since we love and trust that God is all-powerful, and since we trust that His hand shapes our lives, why doesn’t He simply rescue us – and our loved ones from hardship and pain?” God’s word teaches […]