Hello Friends, you know it is truly wonderful to belong to the family of Christ. God loves families. In His plan, family units are the basic building blocks of society. God also used the “family” blueprint when He built the church. But while a church may be composed of many individuals, He intends that all of the church members interact as a single, large family.

The similarities and benefits may surprise you. Just as your extended family may include infants and seniors, the members of the church span the age spectrum. Think of how this can benefit you if you regularly participate in church. The exuberance of the young and the wisdom of the mature can enrich your life.

With a family there is also a sense of identity, belonging and connection to something larger than yourself. When a church operates as God intended, you find that you have continual support, encouragement and growth. You won’t have to endure sickness or misfortune alone. And you’ll even find that there will be those who will push you, prompting you to develop God given skills that they see in you that you might not see. As you find those few safe friends, you’ll find that you’ll want to share your life with them – your celebrations and sorrows. They’ll cheer you on in victory and walk along side you in defeat.

And you will do the same for them because that’s what family is all about. In this sense the bonds of your church family may be stronger than your biological family. With members of your church family, you are bonded by your commitment to Christ and your love of Scripture.

God designed the family to function in harmony: the husband honors the wife and serves her with sacrificial love like Christ displayed; the wife in turn responds with love for her husband and the children love and honor the parents. The parents raise the children with responsibility and respect.

The relationships in the church family are to operate in the same way. No one is more important than anyone else; everyone has a role in contributing to the spiritual growth of others. However I can’t ignore the obvious. A variety of nuts grow on your family tree and with some of them you would prefer to saw off the branch. In your church you’ll find a few oddballs as well, but this is no reason to stay away.

Remember, if the church only admitted people who didn’t need it, you couldn’t attend either. 🙂 If a few people irritate you, view them as an opportunity to practice the virtues of patience, forgiveness and love.

While no personal or church family is perfect all the good aspects of a family can be found within your church. That family is not complete without you, and you aren’t complete without them.  And that’s exactly the way God designed it.

Remember, you’ll have a better time in your house if your family spends time in God’s house.


Dr. Christy 🙂

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