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Hello Friends, you know growing as a leader requires intentionality. The changes that happen in our world are happening more frequently, and wise leaders maintain an awareness of their circumstances and remain abreast of current developments. Leaders who only rely on experience without plotting a plan for growth will be quickly left in the dust. (They will have a new experience to bemoan). 

The wise leader is intentional about learning, and they invest their time, talents and skills in growing others. For those who have a natural gift in leadership, then the passion for growth will typically also exist. You like to see things built. You enjoy developing others. You thrive when others grow and succeed because it enlarges you. You keep your word, and when you do, this deposits tokens of trust into the hearts of individuals around you.

Research out of Harvard reports that there is a significant increase in cynicism and distrust towards the U.S. Government.  Trust is something that is earned when a leader keeps their word. There are times in life when situations happen – and that’s normal – however a responsible  leader demonstrates ownership. Just like good parents teach their children to be honest  and take responsibility for what they did or did not do, the same thing we expect from a leader. Or do we?

In the book Management, Peter Druker writes, “They may forgive a man a great deal: incompetence, ignorance, insecurity, or bad manners. But they will not forgive his lack of integrity.”  One of the things that distinguish a person of integrity is their word.

Jesus leading

Jesus leading

Looking at Jesus, we see that he was intentional about developing others. He picked twelve men and spent time with them, one-on-one. He also spoke to crowds, however the majority of his time was spent developing, mentoring, building up and training his disciples. Jesus taught them how to be – by spending time with them. We learn the most by being in relationship. He took the initiative and they responded.

Jesus taught the disciples the truth which was centered on the Word of God. He modeled selflessness and the importance of prayer. And you know what’s amazing? The God of the universe also modeled transparency for us. His disciples saw him in the good times as well as the bad. The beauty of this is that it taught them how to be.  However, the greatest gift that Jesus gave the disciples was His love. His actions spoke just as loudly as His words, and He only spent three years with them. 

To be a leader means to serve others. It means that you are actively invested in knowing, growing, and helping others develop their own skills while you chart the course for your business.  Encourage one another – uplift one another – build on each others strengths and submit your ways to the Lord. When you give your heart, will and ways to Him, He can multiply any ole “fish and bread” idea and feed the masses!


Dr. Christy 🙂

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