Where You Look Will Determine Your Path

Today while on my way to a lunch meeting, I was sitting at a four way intersection. Three lanes to my left was the left hand turn lane, and the green light with the green arrow turned on, signaling the drivers that it was their turn to go.

As I sat there softly singing to the Lord and watched the opposite side begin to turn accross, passing to the front and right of my car as they were also turning left from the opposing side of the street. I glanced down and suddenly saw movement to my immediate left.

To my shock, the cars in the immediate left lane next to me began to cross the street against the red. I looked up to check the status of the lights, and the only green light was for the left hand turn lane and my light remained red.

While I laid on my horn hoping that it would stop the car from proceeding further into the intersection, what proceeded to happen shocked me… not only did the first car continue against the red light  but the second car that was behind him  followed!! Whaaatt??!!  Shreech, turn, fists, shouting…. drama 101.

I sat there and thanked God that there had been no collision and for the quick reaction of the other drivers. left turn

Then it got me to thinking… we’ve probably all had that experience of looking at another light and letting our foot off the brake a bit too soon, only to realize that we were looking at the wrong light.

Even with my little car loudly blaring it’s horn, the second car that followed paid no attention to the sounds of warning – and it obviously was not looking at it’s own light.

Folks – this is scary!

This is exactly what happens when we, as believers,  choose to blindly follow the crowd and not look at what God’s word says.

God’s word tells us that “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: ” Jeremiah 29:11

When you choose to follow the “in crowd” how do you know that their ways will be best for you?  How do you know they don’t have ulterior motives?   You don’t.  Only God knows the inner workings of a man’s heart.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. Isaiah 55:8

God’s word gives us so many wonderful guidelines and principles to live by.  His guidelines are there for our good  and for our well-being, not because He desires us harm. Contrary, the world will try to harm us and destroy the light that is within us.  That’s almost what happened with this second car.  A collision was avoided…nearly.

Friends, I want to encourage you to not only read God’s word but live it.  Yet knowledge alone is not enough. (Knowing that you need to stop at a red light, and doing it are two completely different things.)

Before you do anything, ask the Lord, “Father, is this honoring to you? Is this what you desire for me to do?”

The pressures of this world are strong. Make no mistake about it. The second car had his eyes on the porshe cayenne and not on his red light.  How often do we want to please our friends? Fit in with the popular crowd? Do what everyone else is doing just so that we aren’t left out?

“But everyone is doing it Mooooom!” you kids might say. “Not everyone sweetheart.” In this home, we follow God. In this home, we keep our eyes on His principles for our life.

Friends, the choice is yours. You can choose to live your life and follow the crowd – but let me assure you – it will be filled with heartache, turns, screeching of brakes, and lots of drama!  

Or you can establish your house on the solid rock – keep your eyes on that red light – and don’t allow yourself to be swayed by others.

People, fads, and trends will come and go but His word remains eternal!


Dr. Christy


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