The Marriage Manual

Hello Friends, you know successful marriages have three elements: the husband, wife and God. Many couples will initially become enamored and “love” that they have so many things in common. There’s a lot of marital advice being spread that says “the more you have in common, the better your marriage” or “opposites attract” and even “opposites attack.” 🙂

It’s true that there must be some mutual attraction and chemistry, however if the only thing that the two of you commonly share is enjoying the same dessert at the Cheesecake Factory, or wearing matching ‘his and her’ pajamas, then ( sorry to burst your bubble) this won’t do much good to help you get through the hard times in life. stock-footage-happy-young-couple-eating-cake-in-the-cafe (1)

The strong marriages are the ones in which the husband and wife have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. They share their faith together, and they have consistent values and philosophies that align with God’s word. It’s likely that they did not start out this way as they both had different upbringings and backgrounds.

Both came to the relationship with different opinions and beliefs. How you both react and respond to one another is a result of your upbringing, however the two of you can work on refining your individual perspectives in the context of what you desire for your family.

The couples who have the happiest marriages, deepest intimacy and long-term success are those who build their values, principles and beliefs on the word of God.

  In it, you will find God’s principles for

  • how to have a loving marriage
  • raising children
  • how to deal with finances
  • how to develop and nurture lifelong friendships
  • dealing with difficult people and strangers
  • growing in the character of Christ
  • spiritual growth

At first, it might feel a bit awkward when you start to read the Bible together. If it does, it’s ok. Just keep doing it! If you find that the version of the Bible that your reading might be too old-fashioned for you and your sweetheart to verbally prononciate all of those really long last names… (like Mahershalalhashbaz) 😉  then find a version of the Bible online that is a bit easier on the eye (and tongue) and read this together.

Man and woman reading Bible

After you read the passage, then talk about it with one another and discuss how it applies to your everyday life. When you choose to do it is not as important as developing the habit of doing it. The purpose of reading your Bible with your spouse is to discover together, the spiritual principles that will strengthen your relationship with God and each other.

I’ve heard it said “a couple/family whose bible is falling apart, usually isn’t.”

 (But you might have a surprised mother-in-law). 😉


Dr. Christy 🙂

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