Mentoring – What Is It?

Hello Friends, you know following Christ is difficult. We are fighting a real battle with an enemy who seeks to destroy us (Ephesians 6:11-12). We all face struggles and hardship. Friends sometimes reject us or betray us. Trusting God can be difficult when life is unfair and the future is uncertain. Without encouragement, giving up is a real temptation. This is where mentors can help.

Good mentors encourage us when we’re stressed and equip us when we need it. A mentors goal is to teach out of strengths and keep working on our weaknesses, so we can continue to grow. That’s another reason we need mentors. They point out our weaknesses, challenge us to admit our struggles, give us direction in dealing with those issues, rejoice with us when we experience victory, and love us anyway when we fail. Everybody benefits when our ever-growing mentors keep us moving forward.titus-2

Beyond encouraging, mentoring is about teaching Christian disciplines and life skills. Encouragement without equipping might lead to restored hope, but seldom does it produce life transformation, which is the goal of mentoring. The goal of Christian mentoring is that the disciple becomes more like Jesus and then leads others to do the same. It’s hard to find a loftier goal.

No matter what stage of life you are in, everyone can benefit from the wisdom of someone further along the path in life. God alone gives us victory as He sanctifies us and makes us like Christ, however we need to cooperate with Him in this process. We’re expected to do the legwork of turning away from sin and daily putting our faith in God as our source of all things. Both the mentor and the mentee are responsible for doing their own spiritual legwork, just like Titus had the responsibility of walking in faith, and Paul helped disciple him.

There is a blessing that both the mentor and the mentee receive when they mutually submit to the will of the Father. Friends, we are never stagnant – we either are growing or dying. Let us always desire to grow and pursue the heart of Christ, and be transformed into the likeness of His image.


Dr. Christy 🙂



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