We Plan More For the Weekend Than We do For Parenting

Some people spend lots of time making great plans for what they will do for the upcoming weekend, often paying attention to the painstaking details of every moment of where they will be, what they will do, and who they will be with. vacation-planningYet they fail to plan ahead for what their goals are for how they want to raise their children.

Yet just like you cannot bake a cake if you don’t put the right ingredients in, neither can you “grow a God-revering” child if you fail to instill the proper principles.

Love is the solution and resolution to all problems of good and bad. If we have enough love with limits, or grace and truth, we begin to experience the way God relates to us and to learn that we are standing in grace (Romans 5:2), where judgment and condemnation do not come into the picture.

Help your child to develop in these five areas:

  1. Spiritual – to have a strong personal relationship with Jesus.
  2. Intellectual – encourage them to be readers and to develop a passion for learning – just for the sake of learning.
  3. Emotional – help them understand their emotions and the biblical meaning behind them. Help them learn healthy ways to manage them.
  4. Physical – teach them how to protect, nurture and take care of their bodies. Show them what God’s word says about their body  (1 Cor. 6:19)
  5. Social – help them understand the importance of relationships and what God’s word says about the body of Christ and how we need one another. 

Friends, the one thing that is guaranteed in parenting is – uncertainty. (*wink*) You never know what each day will bring. Just look at the story of Jocebed in the Bible. The egyptians were killing any baby boy that was born. Can you imagine the emotions that must have swelled up within her? Fear! Terror! Anxiety!jo

Yet she put her trust in the Lord and chose to hide her baby boy, named Moses, in a little straw basket and float him down the Nile river.  Only God could place Moses in front of Pharaoh’s daughter who just “happened” to be bathing at that same time. Pharaoh’s daughter not only saw baby Moses, but she had compassion for the baby!  (Exodus 1-2)

Jocebed saw this and sent her daughter, Miriam, over to tell Pharaoh’s daughter that there was a Jewish woman who would be able to take care of the baby. So Moses’ life was spared, and he was raised by his mother Jocebed with the protection of the household of Pharaoh.

God sees our hearts and lives more clearly than anyone can.

When He speaks to us about our children and our parenting, we can trust what he tells us and act on that trust. His strength and wisdom come into our lives. Parenting is a relationship with God, and the more you draw closer to Him, the more He reveals Himself to you and will guide and direct your footsteps. Trust Him, dear friends, His ways are always the best!

“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28


Christy Demetriades, Ph.D.

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