The life of a Christian who hath dedicated himself to the service of God should abound with eminent virtues of all kinds that he may be really the same person which he is by outward profession. Indeed, he ought not only, to be the same, but much more, in his inward disposition of his soul; because he professes to serve a God who sees the inward parts; a searcher of the heart and reins, a God and father of spirits: and therefore since we are always in His sights, we should be exceeding careful to avoid all impurity, all that may give offense to Him, whose eyes cannot behold iniquity. We should, in a word, so far as mortal and frail nature can, imitate the blessed angels in all manner of holiness, since we, as well as they, are always in His presence. To this purpose it would be expedient daily to renew our resolutions of living well, and every morning to refresh and quicken that zeal with which they were made at first. To beg of God that He would help us, and enable us that day to begin well; to begin, I say, for all that we have done hitherto ought in lowliness of mind to seem, and to be acknowledged by us, as nothing!

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