Recognize The Riptides of Life

The other day I went to the beach with my Bible for some quiet time. As I sat on the sand reading my Bible, I was acutely aware of the rise and fall of the tides. The sound of the crashing breakers was beautiful to look upon, but only from a distance. 20140810_131238

The power that the ocean has is inarguable. Every summer people visit the beach to enjoy the sun, play in the waves, and have fun on the sand. Those who are wise listen, take precautions and plan ahead. They look at the weather report, pack sunscreen, plenty of fresh water to drink, snacks and take extra towels. They also heed the lifeguards council for there are times that the lifeguards can see riptides from their elevated perches that can make a beach too dangerous for swimming.beach_flags

Yet every year it seems as though there is always a tragedy. No matter how many warnings the lifeguards give or how big and ominous the waves crash, there are some individuals who believe they are immune to the seismic power of the ocean. The willful disobedience that these people have often costs them their lives.

Before there was any GPS, SIRI, Sonar or Radar, sailors had no way of knowing when a storm would come upon them. When setting out to sail, they only had their sea-legs, the skills they learned, and their faith in God. When a storm arose and waves tossed and rolled a ship around, there was not much the sailors could do other than take a rope and tie themselves to the mast of the boat. No matter how hard the wind blew and pummeled the hull and deck of the ship, they wouldn’t be thrown overboard.

Friends, this is exactly what God wants us to do when we face trials in our own life. We must tie ourselves tightly to the Lord and walk with Him in oneness everyday lest we be swept away by the “storms” that culture and society throw at us.

As Christians, although we live on earth, we are citizens of the Kingdom of God and we are accountable to the Lord. Jesus acknowledged this duality in Matthew 22 but He also made two things very clear:

  1. Our primary allegiance and responsibility is always to God.
  2. Our existence should impact the earth by the way we live out our heavenly values.

Throughout Scripture we see that God gives us warnings (because He loves us) to “take heart all the words with which I am warning you today, which you shall command your sons to observe carefully, even all the words of this law. For it is not an idle word for you; indeed it is your life. And by this word you will prolong your days.”

Friends, God’s admonitions are for our good – to protect us – because He loves us!  You can see by His Words and actions that He desires to place us in the best possible position to receive His tremendous blessings and rewards.

Wise people read God’s word. They heed the Lord’s warnings, obey His instructions and make a conscious choice to align their will and their walk with His ways. Regardless of what direction that culture may sway, the Word of God does not change and remains forever strong and true.

Much pain that many people experience today is similar to the swimmers who arrogantly did not heed the lifeguards warning and went in the water when warned that conditions were dangerous. This could have been avoided had they just listened and obeyed.drowning-istock-680x452-e1365079926802

So too, dear friends, do people suffer needlessly when they fail to obey the wisdom from God’s word.

If you want the best for your life, your business, your family, and your children, you will establish a firm foundation on the Word of God and tie yourself to His “mast” everyday.Salvagente lanciato in soccorso

May you desire to seek the Lord, know His ways, and be a shining beacon of light that others are drawn to know.


Dr. Christy Demetriades


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2 thoughts on “Recognize The Riptides of Life

  1. What a beautifully written post! It also reminds me that this is one year that I have not been to the beach (my favorite vacation). Trials and tests can build more character than we realize at the time. Tribulation to hope. (Rom 5:4).