What Are You Reinforcing?

There are natural laws that are universal which cannot be denied. These principles apply to every race, country, gender, man, woman, child and denomination.

For instance, look at the law of gravity. No matter where you are in the world, the law of gravity will apply to you.

Or let’s take the law of energy –  intake and output. Baring any medical diagnosis, the law simply states that if you burn off more energy than you take in, you will lose weight. However if you take in more energy (i.e, calories) than you burn off, then you will gain weight.

Human behavior has similar laws or principles as well. For instance, things that come easily are rarely appreciated. Most parents can identify with purchasing a toy that their child desperately wanted only to have that toy tossed aside a few days (or hours) after it was easily obtained.A young boy looking at a piggybank

What are you reinforcing?

Those who seek the best interest of others understand the principle of reinforcement.

Parents who have the best interest of their children at heart will seek to reinforce good behaviors and seek to instill patience, diligence, hard work, and gratitude.

How can a child appreciate something when it’s always freely given to him? How will he learn to understand the value of a dollar until he has to work for it? Children who are never frustrated never understand that they’re not the center of the universe, that they are not owed whatever they want and that the world exists solely to meet their needs.

The principle of appreciating what you have and valuing what you earn is a timeless principle of character growth.

Those in leadership who truly seek to benefit their constituents do not keep them dependent  upon a broken and divisive system by spoonfeeding them mediocre fish; a leader who truly cares for his people will equip and empower them to catch as many fish their family needs, equipping them to utilize their God-given talents and freeing them so that they can be contributing members to society. This builds them up thereby breaking the multigenerational chains of bondage and mental imprisonment.

Reinforcement principles are universally understood. Lawn-Mowing-Captioned1

If your heart is truly for others, then before you take any action, begin with the end in mind. Think of the consequences that you desire to have and the outcome you want to obtain, and then plan out your course accordingly.

Said more simply: if you want to raise children to be independent, self-reliant, confident, generous, loving, grateful, creative, industrious, and hard-working… then don’t give into every “Waaaa.”  Teach them the principle of hard-work and the value of a dollar.

One day, they will rise up and thank you.


Dr. Christy


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