Teaching Your Children To Live A Life Of Honor

Living A Life of Philotimo

Our media promotes values that are selfish, egocentric, and always with the underlying message of “what’s in it for me.” Yet God’s word teaches us to honor Him, to die to self, and to treat others the same way that we would want to be treated.

Original Greek Church

Original Greek Apostolic Church

So how does that look?  We see examples of this in the Bible with Jonathan and David; Ruth and Naomi.

The “cancer” of the soul has (and will always be) pride. One of the greatest temptations that learned men face is intellectual pride. Yet the mind of a truly knowledgeable man is one who is found in a humble heart, for he has discovered how little he knows, and that all truth is God’s truth. He is always learning, open, teachable, loving, and recognizes his human limitations.

This past weekend my family met for their annual Greek reunion.  It was said, “What is it that you Greeks have? You’re so giving – so loving? So generous?” It’s the love of Jesus that shines through us.  And then, there’s philotimo.

What is philotimo? This is philotimo:

Living a life to reverance God, honor others, do good and put others needs above yourself goes against everything our culture stands for. But friends, I can assure you – it’s the most heart enlarging, love producing, and eternally significant life you can live.  The life you are living now is the legacy you are leaving!

“But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15

If you want to learn more about honoring God in your marriage, you’re welcome to join me and the Mentor Moms of Treasured as we all learn together here. (I hope to see you!) 🙂

May God’s blessings be yours!


Christy Demetriades, Ph.D.

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