The Language of The Soul

Music is a gift from God. You may agree with that statement, but it may or may not be true all the time, depending on where the music is coming from, how loud it is, and whether or not it’s your style.violin

Music has the ability to inspire emotion. Many people can specifically remember where they were and who they were with the first time they heard certain songs.  It’s also easy to get worked up when you hear other kinds of music you don’t like, especially when one of your kids has it blasting for your neighbors to hear. 

Then there are those times when you hear a choir sing or bells chime or a soft song at a wedding that nearly makes you cry. Then you know that music is indeed God’s gift. The trick is, how do you keep the music in your life on the level of a divine gift rather than a horrible sound?Ship Of Gold

Well, you can’t control the music in public places, like the mall, a concert, or a teenager’s car. You may not even be able to control the music coming from your own kid’s room. But you can set the tone for the music in your family. This may seem like a small thing, but that’s exactly why you need to get involved. 

Read a book about the stories of famous hymns and study the life of composers like Bach and Handel. Share this over dinnertime with your children. Take charge, not in dictating what your kids should listen to (you’ve got bigger battles than that anyway), but by becoming the family deejay whenever your family is together for special occasions.RoadTripGames

For starters, program the music for family meals, family car trips, and family holiday gatherings. Play music everyone can enjoy and even appreciate. Ask your kids to give your music a try. On certain occasions, like Sunday mornings, fill your home and your car with the glorious music of heaven, whether it’s Bach, Handel, Mozart or contemporary praise and worship. 

You will be amazed how God will fill your thoughts and emotions with His presence through the music. And remember, if you don’t want your children to criticize your music, then it’s best not to criticize theirs. Rather, try to understand what they like about it (even if you don’t understand the words). *wink*

“Music is for the soul what wind is for the ship, blowing her onwards in the direction in which she is steered.”  William Booth

May your home be filled with the sounds of heaven and draw you closer to a relationship with Him.


Christy Demetriades, Ph.D.

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