Three Easy Ways to Teach Children Good Manners

Hello Friends, life is busy. Work, school, chores, games, laundry, cooking, church, friends… it can be overwhelming at times. However we all have the same 24 hours everyday. Regardless of what you are doing, here are three easy ways to teach your children manners throughout the course of a busy day:

1. Require them to say “May I please…” before requesting anything. Simple, yet effective.

2. Require a “Thank you” after they recieve it.

3. Model this yourself. To your children, your spouse, and to everyone you speak with. (even when you’re on the phone.)


It’s simple, quick, and easy to do. Best of all, there is no cost. You’ll find that as you model a happy demeanor and show kindness, the overall “tone” throughout your day will be pleasant.

You cannot ask what you aren’t willing to do yourself.


Dr. Christy 🙂

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