How to Turn Your Loss into Gain

Mistakes can often be our best teachers. Thomas Edison tried 3,000 times before he successfully invented the lightbulb. When asked about his many failures, he said, “I didn’t fail. I just found 3,000 ways not to make a lightbulb.”

Another man, Akio Morita, was able to turn his loss into gain. Many of you might not be familiar with his name, however you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with his company. He initially developed a rice cooker which really didn’t cook the rice – it burnt it. (Yikes)!

However that did not detour him. He went back to the drawing board and learned from his mistakes. He went on to build electronic equipment and developed a multi-billion dollar company which is known today as Sony.

When they do it’s like saying they’re wiser today than they were yesterday.

Last year, in an eager attempt to help someone, I purchased and gave someone three really good books on growth. They were top sellers in their prospective categories. The first one was geared to grow the inner character, the second to grow the business, and the third to train how to develop a mindset of continual learning.

Contrary to what I had hoped for, the gifts were not received but were casually tossed aside.

Here’s the lesson: instead of getting offended, recognize that humility allows us to make the most out of our mistakes. Novelist Mark Twain was once asked to name the greatest of all inventors. His reply: “Accidents.”

His answer is clever but it also reveals a great truth. When we’re humble, we are open to seeing our mistakes as possibilities.

Friends, the truth is this: reality will always win. You might be able to led a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Thank the Lord everyday that you have a teachable spirit.

Life will be much more difficult for those who are incapable of thinking effectively and holding up a mirror for self-reflection. Isn’t that what the Bible is all about?  To grow in His image?

Everyone will experience adversity in life, however some people are made hard by it and some people are made humble. For those who allow themselves to become hard, my heart is saddened for them because it’s very difficult for a hard person to learn anything.

Ezra Taft Benton said “Pride is concerned about who’s right. Humility is concerned about what’s right.”

The greatest lesson that I’ve gleaned from this season of loss is this: learn where your responsibility lies = to the Lord. This means that you are responsible for yourself and to others. More on this later. 😉

Sometimes God allows us to go through a storm because he is strengthening our wings. Other times He closes a door to open an even better one. In His compassion, mercy and grace, He provides for us ‘kindred spirits’ to walk beside us as models of His love, faithfulness, and mercy. And that, my friends, has been the greatest blessing of all! “

May you know His joy today, and everyday.


Dr. Christy

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