The Ultimate Life

Hello Friends, several years ago I worked in an inpatient treatment facility where I treated individuals with dual diagnosis problems (drug/alcohol + mental health issues). While there, during one of the classes that I was teaching, I showed the patients the movie “The Ultimate Gift.”  This movie is not your typical “flashy” guns, drugs, sex, fast-cars and naked girls holly-wood movie. Ohhh…noooo.  This movie has principles, values, and morals – a heart message. (Bravo Hollywood!) It shows the story of a young boy whose Grandfather wanted to leave him much more than money, but a legacy – a heritage which is so much more than money can buy.  The movie is very close to real life – too close.

the ultimate gift

the ultimate gift

You see how hard life is – how greed and selfishness makes people ugly, the heartache of pain, the suffering that comes from loss, the lessons that come from hard work, and the deep seated character and values that are built from hard work, pain and endurance. These virtues are things that no dollar amount can buy. Actually, it seems as though the giving of money seems to rob individuals of learning these valuable character traits. It is only through the determination, fortitude, and gut-retching perseverance that he breaks through his selfishness and all of the obstacles thrown at him by his selfish, greedy, whiny, sniveling family. 

Anyway, the patients LOVED it! They were deeply touched and moved to tears. I know that this movie touched many hearts that day.

Friends, I want to share with you that the PART II of that movie has come out!  Yes! (Isn’t it exciting!) 🙂

Last night I saw part II called  “The Ultimate Life” and once again, my heart was deeply moved. I thought of all of you who have gone on, and are now doing so well. I am so proud of each and every one of you – and am so happy for the lives that you have created.  I’m posting this here to let you know that this has come out, just in case you were not aware.

the ultimate life

the ultimate life


And for all of my new friends and acquaintances, if you have not had the priviledge of seeing these two movies, I would highly recommend that you see them. It’s not often that you leave a movie feeling inspired, uplifted and encouraged, however I guarantee that you will do so after watching these too. I would also recommend that if you have a teenager or adolescent, that you have them watch these movies. Movies like these are especially needed and relevant in our narcissistic and materialistic society today. 

Please don’t get me wrong – I like nice things – actually, I love beautiful  things… but not at the expense of peoples hearts. Sadly too many people today value things over people. They use  people to get things.  The botox and Bentley’s don’t last – what matters is our relationship with God and one another. In the end, Christ will ask us how we loved. I want to hear “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I welcome your thoughts.


Dr. Christy 🙂

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